Abstract Experiences

I love painting in an abstract and non-representational way. I started gravitating toward this style while I was living in Italy, but I still enjoy it because of the emotion I can imbue into my work.

When in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and many more cities in Italy, I was overwhelmed with all the patterns, textures, and details that covered the ceilings, streets, and artwork I was exposed to. I loved it and I need to document it. I filled the pages of my sketchbooks with these designs and patterns that inspired me. I couldn't get enough of them. I used them in my BFA application, making them the focus of the artwork rather than the minor, yet exquisite, detail from their original masterpiece.

Now, they are not so much the focus of my work, but I imbued these ancient patterns, and new ones, into my abstract paintings, to create layers of meaning, express emotion, and add interest. Shapes, words, symbols. I feel like I can leave secret messages in my work by using these things and it feels exciting and personal - almost intimate.