I took a sabbatical from the art world to start my family and focus on being a mommy. I've been teaching art the whole time, but I haven't been immersed in the art world as I was in college. I missed it. And when a difficult time in my life arose I knew I needed to go back. I needed something familiar and steady, that gave me joy, peace, and energy. 

I remember going to an award ceremony where i received two considerable scholarships. I was excited for the evening and enjoyed the speakers, although, I remember only one specific thing from the speech. They told us about how hard it is to get into the art program, "only the cream of the crop are accepted," they said. They went on to flatter us further by saying, "only some of those are given talent award money. 'You are the cream of the cream!'"

I didn't want to waste any of that cream, so I started painting daily. It was both therapeutic and relaxing to paint again. I started painting what I wanted and the more I painted, the more ideas started coming. But then I started wondering what I should be painting. 

So I started attending the Scottsdale Art Walk. I saw all kinds of different media, styles, and intentions. I realized painting what I'm passionate about is what really matters. I wanted to experiment a little with medium. I also wanted to use my gallery visits as research time: learning what's current in both subject matter and technique, along with how to present my work. I know what I like, but I wanted to make sure it was acceptable. Figuring out how to appropriately price my own work was another point I had to figure out. It feels good to be around Art, artists, and art professionals. Now I feel confident moving forward.

I have thought a lot about the art I used to make, when I did it just for me. I've always enjoyed landscapes. Primarily the scenes I took in on road trips. I would make art centered around driving through a mountain or watching the sunset on the ocean. In fact, I made a stained glass mosaic when I was a Freshman in high school of just that. It's still displayed in my parents house in a windowsill. I saw it a couple days ago and told my mom it was up-side-down. Let's just say I've come a long way, or maybe that's just not my medium.

Another thing I have always loved are movies and quoting movies. I use movie quotes to help express myself. I made a video for an art class in college called, No Original Thought, which was a series of movie quotes I use. I started incorporating that back into my work, in a much more subtle way: titles. I don't know if anyone enjoys titling they're work. But why reinvent the wheel when someone else has already made the effort. A movie can communicate something and execute it so well.

By the way, if you're trying to figure out where the title of this post is from, it's Music and Lyrics.